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ETPAA Instructor Development Programs

The ETPAA Instructor Development & Education Program is dedicated to the ongoing development and elevation of the skills and performance of all recognized ETPAA instructors to maintain and enhance their learners' experience.

  • Instructor Training Courses

  • Instructor Advancement

  • Instructor Communities (Competitive Class & Knowing your Class Rep)

  • Maintaining Your Instructor Credentials (Education)

Expand your skills with ETPAA

  • Access the vital resources you need to deliver the highest-quality instruction.

  • Benefit from the guidance of experienced staff and instructors who will help you formulate the best path for your ongoing career development.

  • Gain recognition among your peers for your knowledge and expertise.

Instructor Training Courses

ETPAA Train the Trainer 

(Development for Class Representatives)

  • An intensive course that prepares you to teach adult training and development courses in competitive classes

  • Highly interactive lessons that provide successful and workable methodologies you can apply to teach any subject

  • we will tie our philosophies and training in with the training available from WGI as to align with their missions.


ETPAA Learning Dynamics for Instructors (LDI) 

(Provided education classes)

  • Builds on the essentials established

  • Helps you solidify your foundation as an effective instructor

  • Examines the dynamics of the classroom and describes techniques for managing your students and maximizing their learning


ETPAA Applied Instructor Skills (AIS) 

(New Instructor Program)

  • An interactive internship that helps instructors experiment with new instructional techniques on the ETPAA body of knowledge

  • Refine personal development plans to focus on specific areas to grow as a recognized ETPAA instructor

  • Create instructional objectives and an associated lesson plan to effectively deliver presentations on the ETPAA body of knowledge and engage learners


Learning Dynamics for Instructors (LDI)

The ETPAA LDI class examines the dynamics of the rehearsal time and describes techniques to maximize learning. This course builds on the foundation developed in the prerequisite ETPAA Train the Trainer (TTT) course.

ETPAA LDI participants gain a better understanding of learning principles and styles. Discover how to select appropriate training methods, enhance listening and questioning skills, use feedback, and handle challenging situations. ETPAA LDI class examines the dynamics of the rehearsal time and describes techniques for managing your students and maximizing their learning.

This interactive, hands-on ETPAA workshop(s) will help instructors:

  • Identify the elements of an effective and positive learning environment

  • Select active training methods to maximize learning

  • Use interactive communication skills to assess and reinforce learning

  • Develop and practice strategies for handling problem situations

  • Enhance the motivation of learners

  • Develop a deeper understanding of student's learning styles and how they affect training

  • Practice impromptu speaking

  • Match training methods to learning objectives

  • Plan for future instructional skills development


Instructor Designations

Apprentice Instructor:

  • These people may be "recent graduates" or "those new to a teaching role"

  • For beginning instructors, with no experience leading from the instructional side.

  • May seek mentorship by a Master Instructors through ETPAA 

Recognized Instructor:

  • For instructors with experience in one or two program areas, or more experienced instructors who only teach a particular program infrequently.

  • May seek mentorship by a Master Instructor through ETPAA members

Master Instructor:

  • Generally, a full-time Recognized Director. Masters set the standard for high-quality education by demonstrating expertise in the full scope of the ETPAA courseware and in leading-edge instructional techniques.

  • Contributes to ETPAA courseware and evaluates other instructors’ performance.

  • Master instructors may mentor Recognized and other Master Instructors through ETPAA.

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