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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame 


In 2022 we begin a tradition to honor those who have dedicated endless effort to the building of the East Tennessee Performing Arts Association. This year is our inaugural introduction of members to the ETPAA Hall of Fame.  


The mission of the ETPAA Hall of Fame is to honor excellence and preserve our evolving history. It is to recognize individuals whose efforts and accomplishments have enhanced the ETPAA Organization, broadened the appeal of the activities, and served to inspire, educate, and be role models for all those who participate in ETPAA. 


It is our privilege to recognize its first inductee into the Hall of Fame, Jana Hanson. 


Jana is a graduate of William Blount High School and The University of Tennessee where she performed with her first color guards. She has also performed with Legend and Nuendo Independent Winter Guards.  While marching at UT, Jana was named a black suit for the color guard and began her path of instruction and education.  Jana went on to serve on the UT Alumni Board.  Jana has instructed several groups including Legend Winterguard, Bijoux Winterguard, and the UT Winterguard.  


Jana has been a vital part of the ETPAA circuit. She was a founding member of the East Tennessee Performing Arts Association.  She has served as secretary, treasurer, contest coordinator, and helped additional administrators in countless other roles. Jana’s attention to detail and commitment to the circuit kept us running properly. On competition days you could see her making sure everything was going smoothly and bringing clarity to every detail. Her contributions helped shape the circuit in those beginning years, and we are ever indebted to her for laying that groundwork. We quite literally could not have done this without her. Please help us in thanking Jana for all her contributions to ETPAA and for being our first inductee into the ETPAA Hall of Fame. 

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